Dressing your kids for Christmas

Hi sister,

Are you ready for Christmas? To be true, we are still getting there, and it is not because we don’t think about the special days that are coming but just because all the stuff I still have to organize for these holidays; you know, school events, business meetings, and maybe the most important thing these days around the house: write a letter to Santa… Continue reading “Dressing your kids for Christmas” »

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Popelín Children’s Fashion brand

Hi sister,

We were waiting for and finally it came! We are so excited because we have in our hands the new collections for next winter season. Wow! Now we can’t think about any other thing that showing them them to all our partners who are just as eager as us. The sooner we can do the better for all of us.
This year, in adittion with our usual Spanish brands, which once again have surprised us with spectacular designs that will be showing in the coming weeks, we have incorporated a more urban brand and with an alternative style that makes us very excited to present.


It’s called Popelín and fits perfectly with a fashion trend to the rise we’ve seen that is succeeding in many areas of the country. In our humble opinion has a great opportunity thanks to the perfect combination of comfort, design and high end pieces.


Actually, it is a brand that already has several followers in the United States; in fact, not so much time ago there was a nice reference in the blog Eurochicbebé.


As you already have the samples that Popelín sent to us from Spain, you don’t need much more detail but I would like to share with our followers some pics so that they become a small idea of ​​the wonder I’m talking about and Sisters B2B is very proud to include among its represented brands.




Of course, always using Spanish fabrics and making production in the country.

What else could you ask for?

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080 Barcelona Fashion FW 16/17

Hello sister,

Two days ago, I had the chance to attend 080 Barcelona Fashion and see how much it is growing, not only the event itself but also the level of the brands displaying their new collections there.


This year, the Fashion show was held at the Casa Llotja de Mar, a landmark in Barcelona that has flawlessly integrated the different display areas: 080 Fashion Market, the Catwalk area, and, of course, the stunning room where the Catalan Cluster Fashion (Modacc) arranged a spectacular showroom for the brands.


This is the perfect place for showing the collections of next Fall and Winter 2016 to buyers and international agents in order to stimulate trade relationships between brands and partners.


But we cannot forget to talk about Barcelona Fashion Summit. As they explained in their website, this is the main meeting point for professionals in the fashion business in Spain, a forum that gathers every year the leading executives of the sector around a program of conferences and round tables with first-level industry speakers.


After visiting these places and enjoying every little space displaying the new collections, I attended Aldomartins brand fashion show since I was really eager to see what they were offering for next season. This is a brand that I particularly love.

You can see below a short video I recorded on the Aldomartins parade. I have also attached some beautiful pics provided by the organization.

For the first time in the last few months, after I checked the children’s fashion world, I decided to venture into the adults’ one, which I found very interesting to explore.

However, I was planning on going back to children’s for yesterday’s presentation of Boboli and Cóndor Bcn’s new collections for FW16 but unfortunately I couldn’t attend. If you check Blogmodabebé and Agus Albiol Fothographer you will find awesome parade pics.


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Children’s Fashion from Spain at FIMI

Hello sister,

A few days ago I was in Madrid visiting the 82 Edition of FIMI The Universe for Children and I came back home with many exciting news for next season Fall and Winter 2016-2017!

In my opinion, there is a trend towards simplification of the creations along the lines of adults’ fashion using a large range of different fabrics in sober colors as blacks and grays but with a touch of many others including the pantone color of the year: the rose quartz.

I also had the opportunity to visit all the brands we loved and we are lucky to work with and discovered a few others that made a great impression to me not only because their beautiful designs but also because the passion and good vibe they show with their work. I have no doubt that they are in the right path.

Barcarola Moda Infantil presented and elegant and sophisticated new Fall and Winter collection with a few every day matching pieces making modern and fresh whole outfits.



J.V. José Varón presentation for their new collection was inspired by “The Little Prince”. Within the story ambience they introduced beautiful and comfortables pieces with a modern twist and like every season with exclusives fabrics and patterns.




I stopped by to see our client Creaciones Alves next Fall and Winter collection. Their designs are always very warm and timeless, not only with their beautiful Fall and Winter collection but also with a Ceremony one with many delicates items for any Special Occasion. Furthermore, their new layette collection is to die for.



I visited the stand of León Shoes and their new Fall and Winter collection comes full of classic leather handmade children’s shoes for everyday or any special occasion always with the amazing quality all the moms we are looking for.


I couldn’t left without visiting the booth of our client Belán Moda Infantil and the model Gabrielle Princess of Monaco wore in her first birthday. It really is a gorgeous piece and I understand how all the stores now want to have one next season. Every time I visit them I fall in love over again with their Christening Gowns and smocked dresses, such delicates pieces all handmade in Spain.



An last but not least, what an incredible fashion show! It was really beautiful organized and all the brands made a magnificent job showing us with what is coming for next season.  I was impress with the professionalism of the children, they not only did an amazing job but always with a great smile during the whole show.

One of the new brands that I really loved at the runaway was Teté y Martina. They introduced a beautiful and elegant line for many special occasions. A brand to look out for!




And the icing on the cake was the fabulous runway offered by Agatha Ruiz the la Prada, always a funny and colorful one with many fantastic designs for little girls, that I know mine and yours would love to wear any time.


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FIMI The Universe for children

Hi sister,

Finally, the moment we have been waiting for has come. We are definitely looking forward to checking all the new collections all the Spanish brands are presenting at FIMI, The Universe for children to take place held in Madrid, Spain this weekend.

Just a few more days and the show will begin!

Thanks to our clients, we have already had a peek on what is coming. We have seen so many gorgeous designs so far that we can not wait any longer to see the whole collections.

Not only all of us in Sisters B2B are excited to see the new Children’s Fashion collections made in Spain but also all our partners in the USA are eager to check what’s coming so they can start buying for next Fall and Winter 2016 season. Now that they know the superb quality and design of our Spanish brands, they don’t want to miss the opportunity to have such an attractive product in their stores.

I will keep you posted with my discoveries but in the meantime here is a small advance of the J.V. José Varón, Creaciones Alves and Belan Moda Infantil new Fall and Winter Collections!


J.V. José Varón

Belán Moda Infantil


Creaciones Alves

Creaciones Alves

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Instagram Giveaway

Hi sister,

Over the last months we have seen how social media is a big deal when marketing a new company, presenting a new brand or just letting people know about any new project. Because of this, we have created a beautiful relationship not only with our followers out there, but also with all the people that check everyday our social media accounts to see what it is going on about us.

So now, it is time to do a new giveaway and this time we want to do it with our friends and followers in Instagram. You are there everyday “checking us”, “loving us”, and “talking with us” and for that we think that you deserve a gift.

Our giveaway this time is going to be a beautiful dress by J.V. José Varón from their Fall and Winter 2015 collection and a pair of cute shoes by Leon Shoes to make the whole outfit perfect. Both of the items are for a 3 months baby.

To participate and win, you need to follow these instructions:

1. You must be a friend of our Instagram page.

2. Leave a comment to this post explaining why you follow us and which brand of all of our clients you like the most.

* Both conditions are a must to participate. We offer this giveaway just to our friends from USA, Canada and Mexico exclusively.

The winner will be selected randomly on November 20th.


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Playground Las Vegas

Hi sister,

You don’t have to wait any longer because I’m going to tell you where we are going to be next week… Ready?

Next stop in our busy August will be Playground Las Vegas!! Yes, we went together on vacation five years ago but now is a children’s fashion show the focus of the trip. Playgroung Las Vegas is part of the WWD Magic Platform, and as they advertise in their website:

“This is the only trade show In the US dedicated exclusively to the contemporary children’s brand market, it delivers a new outlook on children’s apparel. It’s a fresh, forward-thinking perspective that focuses on of-the-moment trends and mirrors the adult market in taste and style. An elevated experience for both the children’s fashion buyer and brand, Playground represents the beginning of the fashion journey”.

Best of all, Sisters B2B will be there!

I’m attaching the show details below:

Show dates and opening hours:

Monday, August 17 | 9:00AM – 7:00PM
Tuesday, August 18 | 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Wednesday, August 19 | 9:00AM – 6:00PM


Playground is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


In this ocassion, we’ll be representing the astonishing Barcarola’ Spring and Summer 2015 collection, inspired by Claude Monets’ flower and water paintings. Completely in love with the delicate details of the new designs!

And we’ll be representing too the impressive J.V. José Varón new collection. A fresh and youthful proposal with vibrant colors and beautiful exclusive patterns and fabrics. They are really have launched a gorgeous collection for next Spring and Summer 2016!

We are so excited to have the opportunity to bring these two fabulous brands to Playgroung Las Vegas!

See you next week there!

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Dallas KidsWorld Market (II)

Hi sister,

Now we have rested for a while and we recharged our batteries we are ready for living a very busy August month. Sisters B2B will be at two of the most significant fashion trade fairs in the USA.

The first one is Dallas KidsWorld Market and we’ll be repeating  experience  after attending last March’s edition. We are attaching the show details below:

Show dates and opening hours

August  12 – 15 Wednesday to Saturday 8:30 – 6:00 P.M.

*Many permanent showrooms open until 7 P.M.

*Temps close at 3 P.M on Saturday


Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market – 8th Flr (Kids World)



DALLAS, TX 75207

And if you want to find SISTERS B2B Fashion From Spain, you just have to look for booth number 8737-21


We will have the chance to show the amazing new collections of our Spanish client’s brands; J.V.José Varón, Barcarola moda infantil, Belán moda infantil, Creaciones Alves y Paz Rodríguez.

In these collections for next Spring and Summer 2016 you will find very colorful and creative designs with exquisite fabrics offering excited outfits for every kid of the family.

We’re so excited with the preparations for this amazing trade event. So proud of our brands and waiting for the official kick off in Dallas!!

But as I told you before, this summer we will be at two significant fashion trade shows in the USA, so I’m sure you would like to know the next one, wouldn’t you? Be patient, you only have to wait one week more…

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Día Mágico by FIMI – First Communion trends

Hello sister,

Few days ago, I was at Día Mágico by FIMI in Madrid watching the last trends for First Communion and I was delighted with the originality and freshness of the new collections showed by the Spanish manufacturers. In spite of being an international trade show event, in my opinion, Spanish firms are excellently positioned in this specialized fashion.


I was impressed by the very modern creations that have incorporated lace, tulle and fine cotton, but I could also see designs with a very cute vintage romantic style. There were also traditional dresses showcasing tucks and organza especially emphasized. Regarding color, the truth is that every year the dresses display less pure white and more ivory tones where details are added in soft pastel colors that blend perfectly.

One more time, Barcarola dazzled with their new collection with impressive design and fabric’s quality among other details. The staging conducted by the brand in the show was really beautiful. I posted some images in Instagram and a very cool video that made by the casitademartina.com.

For boys, although it may seems there are few options, I could see that every year the brands expanded and now, thanks to Varones firm, I can recommend the perfect outfit for any special events. Jackets, suits and shirts in a showy colorful and very trendy designs but also retaining classic lines in many of his creations.

I was surprised that some firms not only continue standing up for classic leather shoes, but also they incorporate very comfortable shoes, like slippers and espadrilles that gave the formal outfits a more casual twist.


I also had the opportunity to attend the catwalk called “Paseo Mágico”. The exhibition held a fashion show with several firms besides the ones described above, like Paqui Barroso, Flores del Eden, Javilar, Rubio Kids and Bebés Chic.


The choreography was extraordinary and to see all children modeling in the beautiful gardens made for a really wonderful show.

In short, the celebration of this event in such a very special place as the Royal Tapestry Factory of Madrid has become a benchmark event at international level for all professionals who are interested in new trends in fashion and ceremony communion and the business associated with them.

So now is your turn to spread the word about this wonderful event and all the amazing First Communion and Special ocassion designs that will be available to the American customers who want their children to look their best on their special day.


Images by Flickr FIMI Valencia, La casita de martina y cuentamesister

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Giveaway of girl’s dresses made in Spain

Hi sister,

Have you notice that summer is around the corner in San Antonio? It may take a little longer in Spain for the weather to get warmer but here in San Antonio we already put away our winter gear and dusted off our spring clothing to start enjoying some sunlight, Texas-style.

It is during this season changes when you realize how big the children are getting and suddenly notice that they have overgrown all their outfits. In addition, we have brought so many cute children’s clothes from our manufactures in Spain that it is definitely the right time to renew our little ones wardrobes.

Talking about this the other day with a representative from Kiriki Moda Infantil, a Spanish brand of children’s clothing, we both agree that it we’ll be a great idea to do a giveaway with three dresses from Kiriki’s 2015 Spring Summer Collection which she gracefully donate in order to brighten the start of the season for lucky moms.


I love giveaways! It is a pity that we at Sisters B2B cannot participate and this time neither can our fans in Spain. Last time we did a giveaway it was just for our Spanish followers so it is fair that this time we offer this giveaway just to our friends from USA, Canada and Mexico exclusively.

To participate in this amazing giveaway and win one of the dresses, please follow these instructions:

1. You must be a friend of our Facebook page.

2. Leave a comment to this post explaining which dress you liked the most and why.

* Both conditions are a must to participate.

The three winners will be selected randomly on May 3th.

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