Dressing your kids for Christmas

Hi sister,

Are you ready for Christmas? To be true, we are still getting there, and it is not because we don’t think about the special days that are coming but just because all the stuff I still have to organize for these holidays; you know, school events, business meetings, and maybe the most important thing these days around the house: write a letter to Santa…

In addition, my girl loves wearing the right outfit for every single occasion, so you can imagine what Christmas time means for her, just the perfect opportunity to play matching dresses and accessories, so much fun for her, but sometimes just a “little” bit crazy for me.

My boy on the other hand is easier, and it is not he doesn’t like to dress up, but the thing is that he still wants me to find him just the right look for any special occasion, something that I really love to do because it gives me the opportunity to see him in other clothes besides gym clothes…So, if you are still looking for “the Christmas outfit for this year”, here are some tips I can share with you about how dress your kids for the Holidays:


First of all, having a little girl who loves all kind of dresses it is easy to find the right one for any occasion, but in reality, the right dress it is always going to depend on the occasion, location, and also some personal taste of course.

For example:

If you have a holiday party at the school, the outfit can be fun and colorful but at the same time comfortable since, at least my girl, she is going to be playing and running all the time, no matter what.


If the event is a work party, maybe with a picture with Santa, a more formal dress should be the right one, and definitely red is the color to wear.

To Christmas Eve dinner and maybe church later in the night, a classic dress with a jacket or a coat, depending where you live, should be the outfit of the night.




You may think a nice suit or a dress pant with a shirt is going to be always the right choice, but these days, boys have many more options that our brothers had growing up, and any outfit, even if it is for a formal event, should always be a little bit fun and comfortable, at least if you want him to be wearing it again.

As you can see, when I was looking for the right outfits for this holiday season for my kids I found inspiration in the beautiful clothing and lovely colors our manufacturers in Spain design, who definitely have the most gorgeous outfits for any special occasions.



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